burt’s bees facial cleansing towelettes review

2015-05-13 14.34.27

burt’s bees
facial cleansing towelettes with white tea extract

 pros: durable packaging, smells good, effectively wipes makeup off, soft cloth
cons: stings

i wanted to try these towelettes because they’re not just for wiping off makeup, but just cleansing your face in general. however, i definitely wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

yes, these towelettes get the job done, but they sting. there is just no getting around it. i’ve tried these towelettes on dirty and clean skin, and with a face full of makeup. every time i’ve used them they sting my face. i don’t have sensitive skin, so it might just be an ingredient in this particular package that irritates my skin. it’s weird, since i’ve seen so many good reviews about these wipes online.

it’s really a shame because i do love these wipes — the cloth is extremely soft, they smell great, and i absolutely love the packaging. unlike neutrogena’s makeup remover wipes, these wipes have a hard cap that actually closes properly and locks in moisture.

i was really shocked when my faced started getting irritated from these wipes since most, if not all, the ingredients are natural. i’m definitely switching to better, cheaper, facial wipes that don’t irritate my skin.


stila cosmetics’ stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner review

stila cosmetics
stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner

 pros: lasts all day, very dark and pigmented, pretty durable
cons: felt tip loses its fineness and fibers get lose

i’ve heard so many good things about this eyeliner and of course i had to try it! of course, i’ve been extremely happy with these results. very easy to put on, very pigmented and only needs one application coat (when using over eyeshadow. if on a bare lid i usually have to go over the wing maybe 2 or 3 times most likely due to oily lids). i haven’t tested how waterproof this is, but sometimes i will accidentally scratch my eye (not rub it) and the liner will still be nice and sharp.

the only thing that would be stopping me from repurchasing and giving it 5 stars is the fact that it’s a felt tip liner, which means that over time stray fibers will get loose. as you can see in the detailed picture about, there are some fibers hanging which does make the brush time a little more sloppy and not as fine.

but overall, this is a very reliable eyeliner and the best liquid i’ve tried so far! i would definitely recommend this to anyone.

maybelline’s the falsies mascara review

maybelline new york
the falsies mascara

 pros: lengthens, lifts, and volumizes your eyelashes; layerable; cheap

cons: none

i absolutely love this mascara. this is my holy grail mascara. i’ve been using this mascara for so long that i should really repurchase a new one, but there’s still so much left and it still works so well.

i have very short, thin lashes that like to stick down. they do not like to volumize or lengthen or curl. however, this mascara makes them do all of that, and for the whole day. it does the job, and it does the job well, which is why i love this mascara so much. i’ve tried other drugstore mascaras and none of them work as well as this one. the only other comparable one would be the heroine make mascara which i don’t like to use because it’s very difficult to remove. i haven’t tried the other mascaras in the maybelline line though, so i don’t know how well this one works compared to the others.

another great thing about this mascara is that it’s layerable, which means you can put coats and coats and coats of it on your lashes and they will still get thicker and longer with each application. but don’t overdo it. you also don’t absolutely need a lash curler when using this mascara because it lifts up your lashes. of course, i suggest that you still use a lash curler to give it that nice extra lift, but if you’re on-the-go, this mascara will do just fine with lifting.

and the best part is that it’s so cheap. it’ll last just as long as any brand name mascara and you can replenish it without feeling bad about spending too much money on makeup.

like i said above, this is my holy grail mascara. i do want to explore with more mascaras (too faced and benefit especially) but i know for sure that at the end of everything, i’m going to be coming back to this just because it’s so affordable and so reliable.

LUSH’s chocolate whipstick lip balm


chocolate whipstick lip balm

 pros: hydrating, smells amazing, a little goes a long way

cons: overpriced, hard to get out of the container

i absolutely love LUSH’s products, but this is another that i felt wasn’t worth the price. i received this lip balm as a gift (honestly i would never spend this much on lip balm no matter how good it is) and was really excited to use it. this is going to be similar to my last review post — this lip balm just isn’t worth it. any other lip balm would work just as well, but LUSH’s costs double the price. it’s also a bit hard to get out of the container. you have to rub your finger in the container for a little bit before actually getting some product onto your fingers.

but for this product, a little goes a long way. it also smells absolutely amazing — exactly like chocolate. honestly, i would use this as a holy grail lip balm if it wasn’t so expensive just because i love the smell so much (i really like chocolate ok). but of course, it’s not worth the price which means i will not purchase it again.

LUSH cupid’s love bar soap review


cupid’s love soap bar
(approx.) $6.95

pros: more moisturizing than regular soap bars
cons: not worth the price

hi everyone, long time no review! sorry i haven’t been posting lately, but i do have some products lined up to review so expect more posts soon!

so i actually got this soap bar as a farewell present from one of my friends from japan, which is why i’m not sure what the exact price of the bar is. LUSH’s soap bars tend to run about $7 USD though.

but i’m going to make this review short. to be quite honest, there really isn’t anything special about this soap bar. yes, it does moisturize my hands better than a regular bar of soap does, but that’s the only difference i’ve noticed. i don’t particularly like the smell (it’s like a very rich cinnamon-y smell) either. the only reason why i’m using this soap bar is because i didn’t want it to go to waste haha. i give it 2 stars because it’s not worth the price. i’d rather just stick with my bath and body works hand soaps!

origins spot remover review

origins acne pads2origins acne pads

spot remover acne treatment pads

pros: prevents large breakouts
cons: does not always prevent singular zits/pimples, must continue to use the product

long time no review, but today i’ll be talking about origins’ spot remover acne treatment pads!

i’m just going to get this straight. i absolutely love this product. i have been using this product for a long time (i think i’m on my fourth box right now?) and it has never failed me. this stuff works. it prevents large breakouts — i don’t even remember the last time i had a huge breakout — and makes my skin feel all smooth and soft after.

the only thing about this product is that it only prevents large breakouts. so sometimes i’ll get a singular zit/pimple pop up somewhere on my face (usually due to stress or if i eat unhealthy foods) but i’ll just zap that right away with my origins super spot remover. another thing that i found is that you have to constantly use this product to prevent the pimples. this is no big deal for me since most beauty products are the same. the only thing is that it does get expensive, and since there are only 60 pads in each box, they only last about one-two months.

you’re supposed to apply the pads on morning and night, but what i do is i cut them in half, and use half in the morning and half at night. i’ll use one side on one half of my face and flip it over and use the other half on the other half of my face. what i usually do is wipe the pads all over my face after cleansing and before/after toner (i change it up sometimes but the results always come out the same).

really, i have nothing else to say about this product. i think it works that well. i usually like to switch up products once i run out, but this has been the one skin product that i have stuck with forever.

– jackie

China and Its Blinding Contrasts


hey guys! sorry about the inactivity for the past three weeks, but i just came home from China about a week ago and have been busy catching back up with real life.

i was writing an article for Third Voice (another blog that i write for) about the contrasts i saw within China itself. it’s weird, because usually you hear about compare cultures from different cultures, but while i was visiting China, i found myself comparing Chinese cultures with other Chinese cultures.

you can read more about comparing the cultures in my post on Third Voice, and my travel blog.

i didn’t want to go into too much detail because it doesn’t really fit the mood of this blog here, but i did want to write this post to let you guys know why i was so inactive. plus, i wanted to show you guys a video i made (for my sister, who teaches English in a village) there.

– jackie

weekly favorites: 3.8.2015

hey guys, time for weekly favorites!


the devil wears prada by lauren weisberger

my friend has been badgering me to watch the movie, but i went to the library and saw this, so i decided, why not read the book instead? i know this is an old book, but you should read it if you haven’t if you’re looking for a really light and enjoyable read. nothing too heavy or deep-thinking, but just fun to pass the time!


doja cat

i was actually introduced to this artist by michelle phan (my absolute favorite blogger!) and fell in love with her music! i absolutely love the chill vibe she gives off. this is perfect “dusk” or “night drive” music. doja cat doesn’t have many songs out yet since she’s still a new artist, but i’m still happy with listening to the same five songs over and over again.


batman: under the red hood

so if you didn’t know, i’m a HUGE batman fan. like obsessed. so on friday my friend and i had a batman movie marathon and under the red hood was on the list since we had never watched this movie before. i heard amazing reviews about this movie despite that it’s an animated movie, and let me say: i was not disappointed one bit. i was absolutely blown away by this movie! the animation is great, especially the fighting styles. each of the character’s fighting styles and personalities are just so true to their personalities and i’m really happy that everyone was so accurate. and despite the fact that this is a kids’ movie, the fight scenes are still extremely brutal and like i said before, true to how the characters would fight. the themes are dark as well. overall, this is an extremely dark movie, but it portrays the story of the red hood well and is absolutely amazing, especially for the fact that it’s a kids’ movie!

video game:

batman: arkham city

sorry for the other batman favorite; you guys must be completely weirded out by my nerdness by now. but again, i know this game is pretty old and there’s a newer arkham game, but i recently picked this game back up and am re-amazed by it. my favorite part about this is that there’s so much to do. after beating the main story line, you’re only  30% done with the game, which leaves you for days on end (or in my case, years) to play. an absolute must-have for anyone who loves a good story line, great graphics, smooth fighting, and batman! i really need to pick up a copy of arkham knight once i finish this (which will be like, never!).

so here are my weekly favorites! i probably won’t post weekly favorites for the next two weeks since i’m going to china and won’t be bringing my computer with me. but i’ll definitely have a lot to post about on my travel blog when i return!

– jackie

ladies first!

on sunday i went to a fashion event called ladies first. it was my first time at something like this and i had so much fun — i even got to meet some instagrammers that i look up to! i bought a good amount of clothes for a good amount of money (which i’ll probably post about later), plus got my makeup and hair done for free, so i thought the event was totally worth it. it was also in an extremely photogenic location (the container yard in downtown los angeles), so of course i took some pictures.

Photo Mar 08, 5 53 58 PMcopy

Photo Mar 08, 5 54 25 PM (1)copy2

Photo Mar 08, 5 54 56 PMcopy

Photo Mar 08, 5 58 30 PMcopy

i didn’t take many because we lost track of time and took the pictures 15 minutes before the event closed. nonetheless i had an extremely fun time and hope to go to another one of these events! if you know of any fashion events/sample sales/shop bloggers closets in the los angeles area, leave a comment below!

all pictures edited by me.

– jackie